mg游戏平台app下载 and CNBC Africa partnership for student bursaries and internships

Date: Jun 27, 2022 | Media Release, News

The University of Johannesburg 在学习上成绩优异的新闻专业学生现在有机会在各方面磨练自己的技能 CNBC Africa, one of the world’s leading broadcast media companies. This is after the University and Africa Business News (ABN), the home to television network CNBC, agreed on a partnership to provide support to mg游戏平台app下载 students.

As a leading media company, ABN will provide mg游戏平台app下载 students with support by offering them study bursaries, placement in internship programmes and job opportunities at the ABN Group.  这将是大学学生走向职业生涯的垫脚石. The partnership will run for three years, from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2025. In terms of the agreement, 荷兰银行基金会将为至少两名来自伦敦大学的学生提供奖学金,用于支付他们的学费, based on a specific criteria such as competence. 传媒集团每年至少为6名学生提供实习机会(每6个月3人).

To qualify for the internship programme, 学生必须完成他们的高等教育或在新闻领域的最后一年. 荷兰银行将举办培训课程,学员将讨论编辑方面的问题,并提供对荷兰银行所在非洲大陆媒体前景的展望. 学生们将有机会每年两次参观位于桑顿的荷兰银行总部,以获得丰富的信息.


Prof Marwala with mg游戏平台app下载 alumni, Ms. Ameerah Moakadam who is currently serving an internship at CNBC.

Says Rakesh Wahi, 资本管理顾问公司(CMA)投资控股董事长、CNBC非洲频道创始人:“mg游戏平台app下载希望与非洲排名靠前的大学合作, of which the University of Johannesburg is. mg游戏平台app下载在欧洲大陆有2600万观众,所有观众都与大学的战略(关于第四次工业革命和多学科教育方法)保持一致。, such as policy makers, for example.”

Mr Wahi was speaking before the signing ceremony, where he was joined by mg游戏平台app下载 Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Tshilidzi Marwala and Dr Nolitha Vukuza, the Senior Executive Director: University Relations, Student Affairs and mg游戏平台app下载 Sport. 他补充说,他正在探索英吉利大学与CMA在学生与职员交流计划中合作的其他机会, including in the area of research. mg游戏平台app下载学生将访问加纳和阿拉伯联合酋长国的CMA大学.

“A lot of our students in Ghana, for instance, can benefit from the work that is being done at mg游戏平台app下载, as articulated by Prof Marwala. mg游戏平台app下载希望把更多的学生推向非洲,因为这样做有很多优势. 这一切都与领导力有关,让学生们看到优秀的领导力如何为世界带来可持续发展,” said Mr Wahi.

“Travel is one of the greatest educational tools as it allowed people to learn. It opens up their eyes to other cultures, how other countries have developed and transferred to other markets. This is the value that students will benefit from. it’s priceless.”

马尔瓦拉教授说:“作为南非和非洲大陆发展最快的大学, mg游戏平台app下载 is excited about this partnership with CNBC Africa, one of the world’s leading broadcasters. 这一合作伙伴关系是另一个受欢迎的倡议,以帮助mg游戏平台app下载的学生支付学费,并通过实习项目提供学徒机会.”

A mg游戏平台app下载 alumni, Ameerah Mookadam, 在CNBC非洲分部实习的她,在这家媒体磨练了自己的技能后,已经收获了好处. The 24-year-old has been there since February this year. “Right now, I am working at CNBC Africa as an intern. I love the experience of studio and television. All the guidance and things I learnt at mg游戏平台app下载 have put me ahead of the game. 我只能对mg游戏平台app下载的学生们说,要保持专注,你们的目标就会触手可及。.

Cnmb Signing
Signing ceremony of the mg游戏平台app下载/CNBC partnership

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